September 11

On Facebook this morning, a friend posted this question, “What does it mean when Americans say, ‘Let us never forget 9/11?'”.  He went on to muse how this might be a mantra intended to help keep our rage alive and subsequently, is raging about Americans deaths when we don’t rage about the death of others, really something we want to encourage.

After speaking with people leading up to today though – I wonder if we might reframe the mantra “Let us never forget 9/11” into something else.  What if remembering really means honoring our grief.  What if remembering really means validating people’s traumatic experiences and the post traumatic stress that lingers.  What if remembering really means just pausing and allowing ourselves to remember our vulnerability, to honor our sorrow, to bring to light all that we usually carry with us in silence.

I wonder if September 11 will ever become a National holiday.  I have to admit, I find it hard to come to work and carry on with the normal things of life today and I wasn’t even directly affected by the tragedy.  It feels weird to see normal life continue on a day when our lives changed forever and so I too hold on to the mantra, “Let us never forget 9/11.”


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