Cultivating a Broader Understanding of Christianity

I recently came across this video that reflects  on how the messages that we are bombarded with every day eventually affects how we walk in the world.  I realize that not everyone agrees with the premise presented in the video, but I have to say that I do think what we hear and see in various media, can affect how we hear and see things in real life.

In last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, the character April Kepner loses her virginity and then laments that she has ruined her relationship with Jesus.  This week, Kepner struggles with the fact that she enjoyed having sex and concludes that either she is going to have to let go of her beliefs or she is depraved.

I am a Christian.  I don’t believe that Jesus hates us when we have sex (yes, even sex outside of marriage).  I do believe that sex can help us deepen our relationship with another person and with God.  I also believe that sex can break down those relationships.

While there are plenty of people in the world who are Christian and have similar beliefs as mine, I realized that I don’t think I have ever seen one portrayed on television.  Why is it that our media only offers us certain stereotypical views of what it means to be Christian?  What are we doing to get the word out otherwise?


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